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Athlete Reviews

Training with Oxidate has completely changed my approach to my strength a conditioning training and has me in the best shape of my life. 
After many small annoying injuries over the past couple years, I went this whole football season, 30 odd competitive games, without missing one minute through injury. 
Not only was the strength and conditioning side of the programming great but also the approach to mobility and recovery is unlike anything I’ve experienced with any other performance professional. 
I highly recommend Oxidate to anyone that is serious about wanting to take themselves to the next level!

Rodrigo Covarrubias

Mark lost 9.8 kgs in 8 Weeks.png


“For the past 9 months I have been wanting to make a positive lifestyle change to try and get back into shape and regain the fitness I had when I was playing regular sport and I had genuine motivation to stay fit. I had a few attempts of doing it myself but would only last a couple weeks then I would go back to my old habits of not exercising and eating poorly whilst constantly wishing for a better body. It wasn't until I saw the results of a mate who had done their program that I considered contacting Oxidate to help get me started and onto the right track.

Once I talked to them they set me up with a meal plan and an exercise routine that worked for me and fit into schedule and it has worked wonders! With their guidance I managed to loose 9.8 kilos during the 8 week challenge and I'm feeling a lot more energetic, happier, healthier and self confident. Oxidates program was exactly what I needed to give me the push to getting myself back onto the path of a healthy life style and to take control of my body and with their continued help, build on the awesome results I have already been able to achieve in just 8 weeks. For anyone who wants to have a happier and healthier life, Starting Oxidates program is step one.” 

Nutrition Client Success Stories

I cannot thank Dom and Jacob from oxidate performance enough for their support and education over the past 8 weeks. I came to them because I have always struggled with my weight and have always tried things to lose weight that have never been sustainable. 

The biggest motivation this time round was my wedding, I wanted to look and feel my best for the day but also kickstart a new lifestyle with Rick (my new husband) I have always played sport and exercised but never seemed to lose weight. When I first received all of the information and meal plan I was so excited because dom wasn’t saying things like ‘no carbs, no sugar, no this, no that’ he was simply giving me the tools to eat nutritious food that I could sustain for a life time and taught me about being in a calorie deficit. This 8 week challenge has changed my life. Dom and Jacob have taught me so much! They have educated me about calorie intake, training the right way for my body, how eating the right foods can change everything and that it’s okay to have a ‘bad’ or ‘less optimal’ day and still achieve results. 

I lost just over 6kg in my 8 week challenge and I am so proud to be able to say that. I felt so amazing in my wedding dress and received so many compliments about how good I looked and how much weight I’d lost which made me so emotional because I had worked so hard for it. I am honestly so incredibly grateful to Oxidate for educating me and giving me a kickstart to a new healthier lifestyle! 

Krissa Manns

I've had a few issues with my knees and ankles recently from dancing and decided to hit Dominic up for a massage. After my first visit he was instantly able to diagnose and work through why I've been feeling this pain.
Dominic's professionalism and knowledge is incredible. He takes the time to listen to your needs and tailors his service to ensure your get the best results possible. You don't just get a massage, you also learn how your body works, why you feel certain pressures in your muscles as well as receive exercises to do to improve your strength. I woke up this morning and for the first time in a week I wasn't actually limping! I can't thank him enough.

Nina Klasan

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