Developing athletes through specific individualised coaching sessions to help maximise their athletic potential and technical skill levels.

Session Types:

Football technical sessions: Focusing on all technical aspects of a players game. Sessions will be structured around each individuals playing positions, strengths and weaknesses. 

Athlete performance sessions: Focusing on the physical components of an athletes game (available for all sport athletes) - movement, run mechanics, sprint speed, power, strength, conditioning.

Hybrid sessions:  A combination of the above two session types - combining technical and skill work with body performance and maximising the athletes physical capabilities. 

Strength & Conditioning sessions: All sessions focus on mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and building strength and power. Sessions are designed specifically for each individual to work on their individual needs building strong, resilient, fast and powerful bodies.

Speed & agility sessions: Sprint training and agility sessions help athletes learn how to run better and faster whilst improving overall movement efficiency and output for their specific sport.

Individual Pricing Options & Packs:

1:1 Coaching Sessions: ​

60 mins: $110 per session

5 pack: $500 ($100 per session)

90 mins: $160 per session

2:1 Coaching Sessions:

60mins: $70 per player per session

5 pack: $300 ($60 per player per session)

90 mins: $100 per player per session

3:1 & 4:1 Coaching Sessions:

60mins: $60 per player per session

Small Group sessions:

​5-9 players: $50 per player per session

10+ players: 60mins: $30 per player per session