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Our mission is to provide athletes the opportunity to level up through the correct types of training, recovery services and education.

This is why we have created the only performance centre of its kind in Melbourne to be able to cater for teams to maximise their potential.
Perform better on match day and recover better after games with Oxidate. The leaders in football performance & education.


Team Training

All team training sessions are created specifically to your team and goals. 
Oxidate can host large teams of 20+ players in our gym,  football pitch and recovery pools.

Bookings are available for both training and recovery sessions or a combination of both together allowing teams to recover in our recovery pools post training session.

Team Strength & Conditioning:

Team training

A great addition to a weekly training schedule and in our opinion, a necessity.

Strength and conditioning sessions are an area where most teams and clubs are lacking in their weekly training schedules.


In order to become an elite player you must become an elite athlete first.

Our strength & conditioning sessions focus on improving the physical capabilities of all athletes regardless of the sport.

Sessions will help athletes:

  • Reduce risk of injuries

  • Become stronger improving strength and power and their ability to apply force 

  • Improve fitness and conditioning levels of the athletes

  • Become faster, sharper and more explosive 

  • Improve core strength and stability 

  • Improve body control, coordination and awareness

Team Football Skills & Performance:

Be coached by Oxidate coaches on our FIFA Approved Indoor football pitch. Our coaches specialise in individual skill development and all physical performance training. Think speed, agility and movement efficiency both with and without the ball. We are able to offer team training sessions year round regardless of the weather conditions.

Being a compact field with walls surrounding the pitch it is high intensity ball work. Players get hundreds if not thousands of extra touches on the ball, which makes for a great additional session each week. 

Oxidate has 2 futsal sized goals for mini matches - 4v4's, 5v5's, 6v6's as well as 4 smaller goals allowing the ability to coach multiple different drills and exercises for teams to maximise the quality of each training session. The pitch also has 1 larger goal for shooting practice and goalkeeper practice also.

Our football skills and performance sessions focus on improving the technical aspects of a team and each players game.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Ball mastery and touch

  • Passing, weight of pass, range of pass

  • Dribbling, attacking players, 1v1's, 2v2's, 3v3's

  • Defending individually and as a group

  • Posession and transition drills

  • Small sided games - 3v3's, 4v4's, 5v5's, 6v6's

  • Shooting practice

Team Taining Sessions Pricing:

60min training sessions: $25 per player per session - can be a gym or field session or hybrid combining the two.
90min training sessions: $30 per player per session 
- can be a gym or field session or hybrid combining the two followed by recovery in the recovery pools post session


Team Recovery


You can only train as well as you can recover.

We have created an elite recovery room enabling teams to recover better than ever.


Oxidate hosts two 5m spas with enough space to cater for entire teams.
One spa sitting at a freezing cold 8-12 degrees and the other at a hot temperature of 38 degrees. 


Cold water therapy is an incredible way to increase your speed of recovery as well as providing other amazing health benefits. Combining this by alternating between hot and cold only enhances the rate of recovery leaving you feeling a million dollars even hard training sessions and games.

Teams that are able to recover quicker are able to return to peak performance levels on the training park and therefore increase the possibilities of maximising team performance and results.

All recovery sessions can be added onto the end of a training session at Oxidate.


60min Team Full Restoration, Mobility and Recovery Session:

This is the complete recovery session for any team of all sports.

An Oxidate coach will take the team through a complete recovery process on our pitch for 30minutes involving a full roll and release using foam rollers and release tools, followed mobility sequence to open up tight muscles and stiff joints by improving range of motion and blood flow, followed by some active recovery movements to further increase blood flow and regain fluid movement in the bodies.

Then the team will enter the recovery pools for 30 minutes as the second half of the recovery session.
All timings in the pools are specific based on which day of the week the recovery session is for e.g. Game Day + 1/2/3

30min Team Recovery Pools Session:

Access to the entire Recovery Room for your team of players.


Each session is guided by an Oxidate Coach based on the needs of the squad and which day of the week the recovery session is for e.g. Game Day + 1/2/3

Team Recovery Sessions Pricing:

Single booking 30min recovery pools session: $15 per player per session
Single booking 60min Full restoration, mobility & recovery session: $25 per player per session 
Recovery Packs: register below to gain access to the discounted team/ club recovery packs or contact us directly:


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