Welcome to the Oxidate Speed Academy.

The Speed Academy is sprint training for athletes of all sports and ages.
We teach athletes how to run faster and more efficiently by improving strength power and speed.

Sessions are run in semi-private groups of maximum 10 athletes per session, providing a very specific coaching environment where each and every athlete will receive individualised coaching and high attention to detail in each session.

We recommend each athletes journey in the Speed Academy to start with a sprint coaching assessment with Head Sprint Coach Anthney Naveen before joining the Speed Academy group sessions.

The assessment will provide an in depth analysis of how the athletes runs and moves by assessing their run mechanics, run efficiency, strength, power and speed; highlighting the areas that need improving as well as their strong areas of running and movement.

The athlete's Speed Academy journey:

Initial sprint coaching
assessment & testing

The athlete is put through an in depth sprint testing session with head Sprint Coach Naveen.

biomechanics assessment
- running gate & technique refinement
- sprint and speed time testing

Detailed review & analysis of the assessment

The athlete and parents are provided a detailed analysis based off of the findings in the assessment session.

- Data, testing times and training report provided

Athlete joins Speed Academy group sessions

The athlete joins the semi-private group sessions working on all of the areas they need to improve to improve their speed.

- running technique & movement efficiency
- strength, power, speed and agility
- high intensity and specific training


Spint coaching

Once a block of Speed Academy sessions is complete for the athlete, they will be re-tested to assess the improvements and progress made.

- Data, testing times and training report provided to show progress

Session Locations:

The Speed Academy will run on a weekly basis at 2 various locations across the week:
Oxidate Performance HQ
Taylor's Hills Outdoor Pitch

Please see the Speed Academy schedule below for specific days and times at each location.


Pricing Structure:

Initial sprint
assessment & testing

Speed assessment: $115

Session passes

Single session: $60
5 session pack: $275
10 session pack: $500

Get started:
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speed coaching assessment

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