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At Oxidate Performance we have an incredible team of manual therapists that are dedicated to helping people and athletes of all ages improve the health and be able to perform at their optimal levels.

Our team of manual therapists work closely with our strength & conditioning coaches and rehabilitation specialists to create a unique rehabilitation environment providing full treatment and rehab plans that guarantees the best results possible for our clients. 

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Oxidate's Physiotherapist will expertly conduct a thorough assessment to accurately diagnose your problem. We will then outline a treatment program that will decrease your pain, improve your function and take you to the level of fitness and wellbeing you desire.

Our physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment approaches to achieve these aims, including:

    • Joint mobilisation and manipulation

    • Massage

    • Exercise prescription

    • Biomechanical assessments, running assessments

    • Strapping and fitting of braces or gait aids

    • Postural correction e.g. scoliosis

    • Education on lifestyle, fitness and worksite safety

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

Our extensively trained Massage Therapist is highly skilled in managing musculoskeletal injuries and assist in muscle recovery, relaxation, and repair.

Our Massage Therapist has extensive training and experience in managing musculoskeletal injuries that aim to reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation, improve flexibility and restore function to get you back moving.

Our Massage Therapist utilises a variety of skills and techniques in order to aid this. This may include myofacial release techniques, cupping, trigger point therapy and sports massage. Remedial Massage is also rebatable with private health insurance depending on the level of cover.

Book your Physiotherapy or Remedial Massage Therapy appointment today:

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