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our semi-private group training sessions provide athletes with top tier coaching and programming to help athletes improve and develop all areas of performance.

receive personalised and tailored coaching in small group training sessions.

Every athlete is monitored and tracked individually in our group sessions to ensure each athlete receives personalised and specific coaching to help them maximise their development.

session types:

Strength & Conditioning sessions: All sessions focus on mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and building strength and power. Sessions are designed specifically for each individual including athletes and general populations of all ages to work on their individual needs building strong, resilient, fast and powerful bodies.


Football sessions: Focusing on all technical aspects of a players game as well as including physical components such as run mechanics, sprint training, football conditioning. Sessions will be structured around the number of people in each group and will include possession based drills and mini games 1v1, 2v2's, 3v3's, 4v4's and 5v5's.

Speed Academy: The Speed Academy is sprint training for athletes of all sports and ages.
We teach athletes how to run faster and more efficiently by improving strength power and speed.

Striker Training:  Hone your craft in front of goals with our weekly striker sessions at Oxidate.

A unique opportunity to work specifically and intentionally on your ability of putting the ball in the back of the net and improving confidence and technique.

Maximal Velocity sprint sessions: MV sessions are all about improving sprint performance over longer distances, increasing your top speed and ability to run consistently at higher thresh-holds. The sessions take place on field outdoors 2 minutes from Oxidate Performance Centre

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