Outdoor private coaching sessions are back!

1:1 & 2:1 football coaching and strength & conditioning sessions available now:



1:1, 2:1, small groups & teams

Oxidate offers soccer coaching for all ages and all skill levels working with players who have just started to play football all the way up to professional athletes and international players.

We provide specific individualised 1:1, 2:1, small group and team training sessions.

Our awesome teach of coaches help players develop and improve all aspects of their game from the technical components to, tactical and physical. 

All of our sessions include our unique sports science based coaching, with a big focus on injury prevention and physical performance to highlight our athlete’s capabilities; as well as skills training with a large emphasis on the important fundamentals of football to help maximise each players footballing potential. 


Oxidate provides a complete nutrition coaching experience. Each of our nutrition plans and coaching programs are 100% personalised to each individual. We work with everyday people and with athletes to help them achieve their desired health, performance, and body goals.

As your Nutrition Coaches, we provide 24/7 support and accountability. We are very big on education and ensuring each and every client gains the knowledge and understanding required to achieve awesome results and sustain them long term. 

It is time to nourish your body the way it was meant to be.


We provide strength & conditioning for athletes and general populations with the focus on building strong, explosive and powerful bodies.

Strength is a crucial foundation for health and performance and absolute crucial to possess in order to maximise performance on the field, prevent injuries and be resilient to training and playing loads.

  • Scientific backed programming

  • All sessions personalised for each client in semi-private group setting

  • Emphasis on technique and form

  • Strength training tailored to athletes of all ages and levels

  • Core stability, balance and co-ordination focus



At Oxidate Performance Centre we provide world class recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation services through our state of the art Hot & Cold Recovery Pools, Remedial Massage Therapy and Myotherapy.

Our Centre is designed to help each and every individual recover completely so they can perform at their optimal level on a daily basis. 

Hot cold contrast therapy is an incredible way to help the body recover quickly and efficiently from muscle soreness, aches, pains, injuries and help athletes cope with high training loads and game day recovery.

The recovery pools will be open for use upon re-opening after the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. 

Oxidate is your one stop performance destination

Providing unique and advanced coaching systems to all ages and skill levels, from within Melbourne’s newest performance centre. 

Our Performance Centre is the only performance centre of it’s kind. Everything you need as an athlete under the one roof. State of the art gym, FIFA Approved Indoor Football Field, world class Recovery Room, Manual Therapy Services and Sports Nutrition Coaching.

We provide players, teams, parents and coaches all of their football and performance needs from within the one destination.

Your football destination. 

Education is paramount. Teaching the Oxidate way in leading performance is our main objective. Our mission is to provide athletes an opportunity to succeed in sport. 

Our injury statistics are the lowest in Victoria, we have championship winning formulas and deliver training packages that will help you reach your peak in performance. 


We cater to teams, schools and club’s with pitch hire, group sessions, semi private and private coaching packages and services.

Injury prevention

Health optimisation

Optimal recovery: 

hot, cold contrast therapy

Muscle gain

Injury rehabilitation

Fat loss

How Oxidate can help you:

Football Skills & Technique

Increase strength, power & speed

Run mechanics, movement efficiency,



Private Coaching Sessions

Online Coaching

Manual Therapy

Interested in booking private coaching sessions with our world class coaches?

Book as an individual in our 1v1 session.

Book with a teammate or friend in a 2v1 session.

Book with a small group of friends or teammates in our semi-private group sessions.
Book as an entire team to work with out coaches.

Be coached by the Oxidate coaches from anywhere across the globe.

Our online coaching programs are delivered via state of the art apps that enable you to feel like you are being coached in person.

Programs are tailored to your goals and needs and can be specifically for training or nutrition, or a combination of the two.

In need of some body maintenance, injury diagnosis or rehab, or simply a deep tissue release or relaxation massage?

Book in with out remedial massage and today.

Our therapists specialise in treating the body holistically and combing treatment with exercise programs to ensure improvement is made and results are achieved.

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