Analyse your game today!
Send in a copy of your match and
receive direct constructive feedback about your game.


The analysis will provide a comprehensive report to the player regarding individual strengths and weaknesses and areas of improvement, as well as overall tactical advice based on team play and structure, position specific feedback.


We will also provide a physical report in terms of the overall movement of the player including notes on fitness levels, speed, power, change of direction. With this we can suggest undertaking specific training sessions to enhance the areas that need improving in your game.

How it works:
Send a copy in of your match/s. An Oxidate Coach will analyse your game and set up a Zoom call to go over the match providing direct live feedback. This can also be done in person at Oxidate.

After the live feedback session, the player will receive an analysis report.


$150 per game - includes live feedback session in person or via zoom plus player report.