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The link between the mind and improved sports performance is undeniable.

You need to be able to think your best, to play your best.

Improving your mindset means getting into the zone quickly, better sports performance, fewer injuries, increased confidence, and the ability to meet high pressure demands.

Oxidate has teamed up with Mindset Coach Adam Ballard to provide the Get Your Head in the Game Mindset Program to further enhance our athletes performance levels on and off the pitch.


  • Athletes who are ready to take their sporting career to the next level, along with all aspects of their life

  • Athletes who are wanting to evolve from GOOD to AMAZING

  • Athletes who  want to eliminating injury, maximise playing time, increase stamina and enhance their physical performance

  • Athletes who have inner fears, uncertainty or limiting beliefs that may be preventing them from reaching their true potential

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  • 6 Week Program

  • 6 x 1-hour Weekly group sessions (Zoom)

  • 3 months Quality Mind App Access (Mindset improvement tools, Video tutorials, 100s of meditations, journal, physical exercise accountability, global leader board)

  • Group forum for discussion & accountability (WhatsApp)

  • Access to experienced Mindset Performance Coach

  • Regular performance assessments

  • Tools to reduce performance anxiety and build confidence

  • Tools to remove limiting beliefs

  • 100 Point Plan to structure activities for improved performance

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Visualisation techniques

  • COST: $750

  • Discounted price for event attendees: $660

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As an athlete turned coach, Adam has a wealth of experience both personally and professionally to help people get the most out of themselves.


A passionate mental health advocate, and leader in the mental health space, Adam knows all too well the impacts that stress, anxiety and overwhelm can have on relationships, health, and sporting performance.


The tools and techniques Adam shares through his coaching are helping 1000s of athletes take charge of their thinking to feel better and reach their potential.

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Alex M. Testimonial:

What made you want to start a Quality Mind Sports Performance program?

During 2022 I was struggling with the mental side of the game and I was not achieving what I wanted and this was affecting my performance on the pitch.


How would you describe your state of mind, and where you were at before the program started?

Before the program I probably wasn’t enjoying my football as much due to inconsistent performances which then lead to lack of confidence


How do you feel now having complete the program?

After the program I had a lift in confidence as I started to believe in myself a lot more both on and off the field.   This also led to me being happier and the quality of my performance on the pitch improving.

4.How has your performance changed this football season?

My performance has grown immensely with the mental tools that I am now equipped with during my work with QM.


What were your 3 biggest takeaways from doing the QM program? 

My 3 biggest takeaways have been 

  1. Using my “starter motors”

  2. Believing the I can achieve my targets on the pitch

  3. Removing a lot of the negative thinking and replacing it with constructive thoughts


Do you think the skills you’ve learned have helped you perform better at football?

My mentality on the pitch has been far better as I have been able to stay more focused on the task at hand rather than focusing on negative factors that were holding me back. This came from the things I learnt and skills I acquired through the QM course


Would you recommend Quality Mind, and Adam Ballard as a Mind Mentor to people like yourself who may be looking to improve their mental wellbeing and sports performance? 

Competitive sport at the elite level comes with a lot of self-pressure and self-doubt which is something that affected me and was starting to take its toll on my mental wellbeing.

For any athlete who is experiencing similar feelings it is crucial for your own performance to take the initial steps of changing your mindset and Quality Mind and Adam Ballard can really help you take those first few steps and this will help unlock your confidence and boost your performance immensely. 

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