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Get Your Head
in th
e Game

Live Seminar Event


Get Your Head in the Game!

The link between the mind and improved sports performance is undeniable.

You need to be able to think your best, to play your best.

Oxidate has teamed up with Mindset Coach Adam Ballard to provide unique mindset coaching services to further enhance our athletes performance levels on and off the pitch.

Join us for a FREE live event at Oxidate to deep dive into the mental side of sport performance and ways to harness your mind to maximise your potential.

Improving your mindset means getting into the zone quickly, better sports performance, fewer injuries, increased confidence, and the ability to meet high pressure demands.


As an athlete turned coach, Adam has a wealth of experience both personally and professionally to help people get the most out of themselves.


A passionate mental health advocate, and leader in the mental health space, Adam knows all too well the impacts that stress, anxiety and overwhelm can have on relationships, health, and sporting performance.


The tools and techniques Adam shares through his coaching are helping 1000s of athletes take charge of their thinking to feel better and reach their potential.


Where: Oxidate Performance - 30 Hocking St, Coburg North

When: Saturday 18th March 2023

Time: 4:00-5:00pm 

Cost: FREE


  • Live interactive seminar with Adam Ballard joined by Oxidate Directors Jacob and DomFalla

  • Education and content around mindset and mental performance for sport

  • Introduction into mental performance coaching tools and how it can help you improve your performance

  • Interactive activities to demonstrate the power of improving your focus and your thought process to enhance performance

  • Demonstration of the Quality Mind app

  • Live Q&A with Adam, Jacob and Dom

  • Free recovery pool session on the day (before or after event)

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