At Oxidate we offer a wide range of training services and programs to individuals, groups and teams.

See all of our training services below including Memberships, Group/Team sessions, Private Coaching Sessions, Drop-in Sessions.


As football and performance specialists, Oxidate have a wide range of specifically built programs to help athletes of all ages and skills levels improve their skills and performance and achieve their desired goals.

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We provide you with all of the coaching, tools and education to achieve your desired goals.

Are you seeking an opportunity to improve your health and performance?

At Oxidate we pride ourselves on providing an environment that allows each individual to learn and grow as people whilst succeeding in achieving their health and performance goals.

Becoming a member at Oxidate enables you access to the best strength & conditioning training and football training in Melbourne. We have put together an incredible team at Oxidate to ensure every client is receiving the best standards of training that is tailored to each and every individual.

Whether you are an athlete looking to maximise your strength, power, speed and injury prevention, a footballer looking to improve both their physical and technical aspects of their game or an everyday gym goer looking to get stronger and more confident

- an Oxidate Membership is the right fit for you.



Drop-in Football Field Sessions

Football Skills & Technique:

The Football Skills & Technique sessions are all about working on the technical aspects of your game.


  • first touch 

  • passing 

  • dribbling 

  • body position

  • movement on and off the ball

  • shooting

  • defending

  • player position specific drills 

  • possession drills 

  • 1v1's, 2v2's, 3v3's, 4v4's, 5v5's

Football Performance Sessions:

The Football Performance sessions are all about the physical performance part of your game teaching you to move better, move more efficiently, improve speed both on and off the ball, increase strength and power both on and off the ball. 


  • sprint coaching 

  • run mechanics

  • strength, power, speed exercises and drills

  • body positioning on and off the ball

  • stability, co-ordination and balance

$30 per session

Drop-in Gym Sessions: 

Strength & Conditioning

Focus on building strong, powerful and efficient athletes. Strength is a crucial foundation for all athletes to possess in order to maximise their performance on the field, prevent injuries and be resilient to training and playing loads.​

  • Scientific backed programming

  • All sessions personalised for each client in small group setting

  • Sessions adjusted based on individuals needs and timing of session

  • Important focus on good technique and form

  • Individual monitoring of load

  • Strength training applicable to athletes of all ages and levels 

  • Focus on core stability, balance and co-ordination

  • Programmed specifically for players playing level and age

$30 per session


Gym and Field Day Pass

Casual pass to come in and use the gym and football field during non class hours 

$20 one day pass


Book a session at Oxidate Performance as a group or as a team.

Sessions will be catered to the wants and needs of the group based on what type of session you are after.

Sessions can be in the gym, on the field, or a combination of both.

Sessions are available to all age groups.


A minimum of 4 players is required per group session.

4-6 Players: $40 per player per session

6-8 Players: $30 per player per session

10+ Players: $20 per player per session

A 30 minute recovery pools session can be added onto the end of any session:

Recovery pools add-on $5 per player


Book your private coaching sessions with our Oxidate Coaches.

Session Types: 

Football technical sessions: Focusing on all technical aspects of a players game. Sessions will be structured around each individuals playing positions, strengths and weaknesses. 

Football performance sessions: Focusing on the physical components of a players game - movement, run mechanics, sprint speed, power, strength, conditioning. All performance sessions include getting touches on the ball as well  

Hybrid sessions:  A combination of the above two session types - combining technical and skill work with body performance and maximising the athletes physical capabilities. 

Strength & Conditioning sessions: All sessions focus on mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and building strength and power. Sessions are designed specifically for each individual to work on their individual needs building strong, resilient, fast and powerful bodies.

1:1 Coaching Sessions 

60 mins: $100 per session

5 pack: $450 ($90 per session)

Youth: Clients 16 years of age and under

Youth 60 mins: $90 per session

Youth 5 pack: $400 ($80 per session)

2:1 Coaching Sessions

60mins: $60 per player per session

5 pack: $250 ($50 per player per session)