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welcome to the brain room

The Brain Room is the innovative approach to training psychological factors for athletes across all levels and all sports.

Founded in 2016 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia by Rob Gronbeck BPsych(hons) who saw the gap in the performance psychology marketplace and the almost lack of performance psychology options in his home town.

Here at Oxidate we have been working with Rob to create the newest Brain Room inside our very own Facility.

 Oxidate Athletes can now gain access to evidence based training programs for measurably enhancing:

  • Focus, concentration and mental stamina

  • Relaxation, anxiety management and composure training

  • Mind quieting protocols for attaining that elusive flow state

For those athletes ready to take the next step in their sports performance journey and join the hundreds of athletes from world championship medallists, Australian champions, professional, semi-professional, pre-elite and Masters athletes who have trained with Rob at The Brain Room, the time is now!

rob gronbeck

Rob is a Performance Psychology Coach, Researcher & Author who runs The Brain Room in Australia.

Rob is a veteran NeuroTracker coach who has garnered endless praise from athletes raising their game with training.

Rob works with athletes at the intersection of coaching, neuroscience and technology to improve sports performance.

He was the first trainer in Australia to adopt NeuroTracker in 2014 and trained clients such as Basketball Australia, Australian Kendo, Northern Pride, FNQ Heat, Cairns Hockey, Cairns Volleyball.

He has received an academic medal from James Cook University and presented his research at national and state psychology conferences.

  • Owner and Founder of The Brain Room
  • Flow Genome Certified Coach with Distinction
  • Author and keynote speaker
  • Sports Performance Consultant: 12 years of experience
  • NeuroTracker: 10 years of experience
  • 8,000 sessions administered (1,000+ personally)
  • Areas of Expertise: neurotechnologies, flow, sports performance, career performance, rehabilitation
  • Works with amateur, professional, world championship athletes and rehab populations


the brain room


Unrivalled opportunity to be coached by a Human Performance Consultant and NeuroTracker specialist


Evidenced based 12 week training programs to enhance your performance levels  


Train your brain with the NeuroTracker technology to enhance your performance


The Brain Room will help you enhance your mental and physical performance

Neurotracker — Breakthrough Sports Performance Improvement Technology

unlocking true athletic potential
train like the pros - Trent Alexander Arnold

Cognitive training is the new frontier for athletic performance.

NeuoTracker is a breakthrough technology, boosting the mental abilities of athletes looking to reach the next level.

Ryan Giggs.jpg.webp

Mick Clegg
- Former Manchester United S&C coach for 10 years

Rob is a pioneer in athletic performance development and does some great work with the latest training techniques at his specialist clinic. I'm sure he and his athletes will go from strength to strength.


Daniel “Hot Hands” Valcicek, FNQ Heat

“I have been training with the Neurotracker for months now, and I have improved in many aspects of my game. I am a soccer goalkeeper at the semi-professional level, and the Neurotracker has really toned my reflexes, improved peripheral tracking, and strengthened my concentration. I have noticed these increased attributes have then led to better decision making and tactical awareness. The service has been tailored to my sport and position just as it can for any athlete and his/her sport. I think this is a great tool for any aspiring athlete as mental training is equally, if not more, important to physical conditioning. I highly recommend this service.”

74 sessions completed, 65.60% Improvement


Alex Paukovits - Kendo world championships bronze medallist

"Training with Rob at Cairns Sports Performance Clinic has been an amazing experience. As a Kendo athlete, we really need to be able to utilise our peripheral vision as it is limited enough by the armour we wear.

I have seen so much improvement in my ability to perform well on the court just as much as this special training has improved my day to day activities. Improved focus at work, attention span and vision are some of many benefits you will get out of training here."


A complete remarkable solution to high performance for athletes

get started

the program:

12 week training program subscription

Choose 1-3 sessions per week

45 minute sessions


Available at Oxidate Performance

the process:

1. Book your complimentary discovery call with Rob Gronbeck

2. Book your initial assessment and consultation session

3. Select your Brain Room training program subscription


Initial consultation and session: $110

12 week program: 1 session per week: $85 per week 

12 week program: 2 sessions per week: $125 per week - $62.50 per session

12 week program: 3 sessions per week: $165 per week - $55 per session

Payment plans available

measure how phychologically primeD you are for peak performance

Take the Primed for Peak Performance Scorecard Now!

Answer 15 questions and we’ll send you a personalised report measuring how psychologically primed you are for peak performances. 

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