You can only train as well as you can recover!

For this reason we have created the ultimate recovery room and process.

Please note recovery pools are by appointment only subject to availability.
Please book your session based on availability below.


Oxidate Performance Centre hosts two x 5m spas in our ‘Recovery Room’.


One spa sitting at a freezing cold 10-13 degrees and the other at a nice and hot temperature of 38 degrees.

You can only train as well as you hard as you recover! For this reason we have created the ultimate recovery room and process.


Cold water therapy is an incredible way to increase your speed of recovery as well as providing other amazing health benefits.

Combining this by alternating between hot and cold only enhances the rate of recovery leaving you feeling a million dollars even hard training sessions and games.


Cold therapy constricts blood vessels, flushes waste products and reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. As you transfer into the hot spa the tissues warm, increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body in which jump starts the healing process.

Alternating between the cold and hot repeats this process speeding up recovery to incredible effects.


The other amazing health benefits of cold water immersion are:

  • burns body fat by increasing brown fat stores in the body - brown fat has a thermogenesis effect on the body converting glucose and fat cells to be converted into heat (energy) in the body.

  • speeds up your metabolism

  • boost your immune system

  • causes environmental stress conditioning the brain to cope better with stressful situations

  • decreases production of inflammatory cytokines which are linked to anxiety and depression

  • improves sleep quality and duration

    If you are needing to recover hard, come on in and give our Hot and Cold Recovery Pools a try!



Single sessions:

$20 per session

30 min sessions

Recovery add-ons:

Use the recovery pools at the end of any session for an additional $10 on top of any training session


Recovery Memberships:

Unlimited access to use the recovery pools as well as a personalised recovery program to follow delivered via phone app.


Team recovery pools session:

Book the entire recovery room for your squad of players:

Minimum 10 players per team booking

$15 per player 

30 min sessions

Team full restoration, mobility and recovery session:

Have an Oxidate coach take your team through a full 30 minutes of our unique restoration and mobility process in the gym followed by 30 minute recovery pools session

Minimum 10 players per team booking

$20 per player 

60 min sessions

Book your individual or team recovery sessions below: