Semi private training giving individuals the confidence and knowledge to overcome pain and injury


Are you pulling up sore from games and not sure what to do about it?

Do you have a reoccurring pain that just won’t go away?

Do you know how to recover from an injury and get back onto the field ?

Is there a certain exercise that you can’t do pain free?

Do you rock up to games or training too fatigued from the gym? 


We get it, as an athlete you want to perform to the best of your abilities on the field. You want to minimise chances of injury throughout the season and maximise recovery so you can play without feeling sore.


You incorporate strength training as a part of this but are you doing the right things?

What does your program look like?
Is it structured or are you choosing things that look cool?
The internet is flooded with ideas around training for performance and injury but that advice is not always best. 

This is why we have designed this program! 

This program will give you the confidence and knowledge to overcome pain and injuries.

Whether you are wanting to return to sport or just move with confidence this program does all of that and more. 

You will learn how to self  manage and deal with acute pains.

You will learn how to troubleshoot lifts so you can lift pain free.

We will take control of your pain so you feel strong and confident to return to sport. 

We will teach you how to OVERCOME pain.

There is so much more to a  strength or rehab program then sets and reps. It’s being able to understand why you are doing those movements and how it going to benefit you.

My job is to educate and guide you so you have the ability to train on your own and self manage injuries or pain. Having a support system around you is so important for recovery which is why this program is designed to run with 3-4 people in each group.


Each individual will have their own tailored program but will train together for encouragement and support. 



You don’t feel comfortable putting in 100% on the field.

You have an ongoing pain that isn’t getting better.

 You feel sore all the time and don’t know what to do about it.

Your current strength training is making you too fatigued for your sport.

You want to learn how to minimise injury and enhance performance.

You are sick of being constantly injured or in pain

 You want to be surrounded by likeminded people who support and encourage each other.

Particular exercises give you pain when performing them.

You don’t know what the best type of training for athletic development looks like 


You want to improve performance but you aren’t willing to put in the work to get there.

You don’t want to train with other people. 

You don’t want to make time to commit to training.

You aren’t willing to learn, adapt and be open to new things.

You want a good program but you want it for nothing.

You don’t want to be challenged.

You aren’t ready to step out of your comfort zone and take control of your pain.

You don’t want an individualiased program. 



  • An individualised program to meet YOUR needs / goals 

  • 2-3 x strength sessions a week 

  • Training unde constant supervision and guidance

  • Nutrition information pack 

  • Access to our recovery pools