Oxidate High Performance Program

Oxidate’s High Performance Program is designed to provide aspiring footballers the best opportunity possible to develop, improve, and take their game to the next level.

With over 30+ years of experience ourselves as players and coaches, having spent time at the professional and semi- professional levels both here in Australia and in Europe, we know what it takes to become a professional footballer and the level of training and practice needed to reach that level.

From this personal experience, and through education and studies we have created the complete training program for a footballer with the ambitions to make it to the highest levels.

It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master your craft, and this is the beginning and the next step to do so.

Completely Individualised Programming

Each player receives their very own individual program based on their current skill level and body development stage.

Growth and development is very unique from player to player. Athletes age, maturity levels, body development, physical characteristics, quality of previous coaching, current and previous club and coaching environments.

All of these factors play a big part into the growth and development as a player, and as a human being. We take all of these important points into account when creating each individualised program.

The Process:

Each player’s weekly schedule and training regime is broken down into 5 key areas:

Football fundamentals 

Specific focus on the crucial basics a player must master; touch, technique, ball control, passing, shooting, using both feet

Strength, Power, Speed

Maximising the physical capabilities of the athlete; The stronger you are, the more power you have, the more power you have, the quicker you move. Maximising your bodies potential to be strong and powerful on the field.

Injury Prevention

Specific training on the important areas of the body as a soccer player to give the best chance of avoiding preventable injuries; Injuries can vastly impact a player’s career. Staying injury free is extremely important to be able to reach your potential.

Optimal Recovery

Training hard requires optimal recovery to ensure the player is able to perform at 100% in each and every training session and game; we provide a specific recovery program for the player and recovery strategies.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition plays a vital role in the performance level of a player. If the body is adequately fuelled, then the body can perform and recover at its optimal level. An under fuelled and malnourished player, is one that is already stepping onto the field with a disadvantage.

Exposure at the highest level:

Oxidate Performance has an exclusive collaboration with one of the leading Football Academies in Spain: Spanish Pro Football (SPF).

Our collaboration was created so we can provide aspiring Australian footballers a real opportunity to become a professional footballer in Europe.

Becoming part of Oxidate’s High Performance Program enables you access to this exclusive opportunity to travel to Valencia, Spain and be coached by the world class coaches at SPF and have the opportunity to trial with Spanish clubs through SPF.

Each player will only gain the opportunity to go to SPF once they are at the required level to do so. Depending on the starting skill level and progressive development of each player, the time frame for each player to go over to Spain, will be determined by the coaches at Oxidate Performance as to when the given player is ready to go and mix it with the best in Spain.

Each player will get assessed by the SPF coaches and depending on the level and ambition of each player, they will earn the opportunity to trial with clubs in Valencia with the goal of signing a contract in Spain in the players respective age group.

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