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We provide you with all of the coaching, tools and education to achieve your desired goals and take your performance and recovery to new levels.

At Oxidate we pride ourselves on providing an environment that allows each individual to learn and grow as people whilst succeeding in achieving their health and performance goals.

Becoming a member at Oxidate enables you access to the best strength & conditioning training and football training in Melbourne. We have put together an incredible team at Oxidate to ensure every client is receiving the best standards of training that is tailored to each and every individual.

Whether you are an athlete looking to maximise your strength, power, speed and injury prevention, a footballer looking to improve both their physical and technical aspects of their game or an everyday gym goer looking to get stronger and more confident

- an Oxidate Membership is the right fit for you.

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Performance Memberships

Performance Memberships give you access to our weekly semi private coaching sessions both in the gym and on the pitch, to help take your performance levels to the next level.

Sessions consist of:
Specific strength and conditioning sessions - strength maintenance, strength and performance and neural priming and mechanics.
Football technical sessions - beginner and advanced technical sessions focusing on all of the important fundamentals of soccer: first touch, ball control, dribbling, passing, shooting, body position, possession, attacking and defending, mini games.

You will have the flexibility to choose the types of sessions you wish to train in each week which will be guided by the Oxidate Team based on your goals and needs for performance.

All Performance Memberships include access to open gym & field during non-class hours.

Recovery Memberships can be added onto any Performance Membership to gain full access to the performance and recovery services available as a member at Oxidate.

Performance Membership Types:

Performance Membership + Unlimited Recovery Pool Access


Recovery Memberships

Recovery Memberships give you access to our state of the art Recovery Room which consists of two five metre plunge pools for the ultimate recovery experience as well a personalised recovery plan built by the Oxidate coaches based on your weekly training schedule and physical load.

The personalised recovery program is delivered via a phone app and gives you access to use the Oxidate gym and recovery pools to complete each recovery session.

Each full recovery session will provide you with a process of:

  • Release work: focusing on tight and restricted muscles and areas

  • Mobility: mobilisation exercises to increases range of motion and improve muscle tissue length and joint function

  • Activation: activation exercises for specific muscles based on the timing of the recovery session

  • Cold and hot recovery pools: Your plan will have specific pool recovery days built into it based on your schedule

Recovery Memberships can be added onto any Performance Membership.

Recovery Membership Types:

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