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Oxidate High Performance

Player Program

The high-performance player program is a holistic football program that provides players with all of the coaching, education, resources and tools to take their game to the next level both physically and mentally.

The program covers all areas of a player’s game providing everything a footballer needs on a weekly basis over the course of 12 weeks.

The complete program is delivered both in person by the Oxidate coaches at the Oxidate Performance training centre and online through our training and nutrition apps and education portal.

During COVID-19 lockdown - all sessions are run outdoors at Cross Keys Reserve, Essendon.

There is also a completely online version available to those who are not in Melbourne and cannot attend the in person training sessions.

Each player receives:

  • 12-week personalised training program including football technical sessions and strength & conditioning - delivered via an online phone application, programs built by Oxidate's Head Performance Coach Jacob Falla

  • Weekly in person football coaching and strength and conditioning training sessions - one to two HPPP group sessions available each week depending on which option you choose (NOT INCLUDED IN ONLINE ONLY PROGRAM)

  • 12-week personalised nutrition plan and coaching Access to private education player platform

  • 12-week educational series on mindset & mental performance including goal setting tasks and education - all delivered by Professional footballer Kaine Sheppard and mental performance coach Paul Eliseo

  • 12-week educational series on Nutrition covering all things nutrition foundations and fundamentals, game day nutrition, football specific nutrition - all presented by Oxidate’s Head Nutrition Coach Dominic Falla

  • Access to the HPPP private Facebook group with weekly extra content delivered by the Oxidate Performance Team

  • A weekly zoom call with the coaches for weekly tasks, further education, mentoring and program extras

  • A full Oxidate High Performance Player Program training kit (shirt, shorts, socks) (NOT INCLUDED IN THE ONLINE ONLY PROGRAM)

Oxidate Performance

Oxidate Performance Centre is Melbourne’s brand-new state of the art training centre. It hosts an incredible gym space for strength, conditioning, injury rehab & prevention, a 400sqm FIFA Approved artificial grass football field, a one of a kind recovery room consisting of two 5m swim spas; one sits at a freezing cold temperature between 10-12 degrees as an ice bath and the other nice and hot at 38 degrees – designed for cold plunges and contrast water therapy where you move from cold to hot, to take your recovery to the next level.  

This is football coaching and player development delivered like never before. 

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Initial player body and performance screening and assessment and football analysis


Personalised strength & conditioning program 


Prehab & rehab program built based on player history, screening & assessment 


Football program built based on player analysis and assessment


  1. Understand the Brain 

  2. 4 Stages of learning 

  3. 4 step A system

  4. The Power of beliefs 

  5. Training your brain part 1 - Paul Eliseo

  6. Training your brain part 2 

  7. Training your brain part 3 - Goal setting 

  8. Performance Values 

  9. Mental toughness 

  10. Intentional training 

  11. Fear and failure 

  12.  Match day 

  13. Mindfulness v visualisation 

  14. Understand Injuries 



  • 3 part series to educate parents 

  • Meditations

  • Visualisations 

All by Paul Eliseo


  1. Understand Recovery 

  2. Understand methods to monitor recovery 

  3. Understand Modalities to recovery quicker 

  4. Immune system 

  5. Introduction to nutrition 

  6. Nutrition Foundations: Understanding what matters most

  7. Macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats 

  8. Micronutrients 

  9. Hydration

  10. Game day nutrition 

  11. Supplements 

  12. Nutrition for injury - what to change, when to adapt, how to adapt

    Bonuses :
    Recovery Points system 
    Individualised Nutrition Plan
    Personalised supplement guide and plan
    Shopping list

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