Melbourne, Australia

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Fitness and Training

Oxidate is a fast-growing community with a mission for our clients to become the best version of themselves. We will help you reach your health, body, and performance goals, and teach you the tools in which to sustain them.

We provide 1 on 1 PT sessions, and small group semi-private PT sessions. 

Gain confidence, burn fat, gain muscle, improve your health, have fun. 

Personal Training

1 on 1 Sessions or Semi-Private Groups

At Oxidate we offer a different calibre of Personal Training.

Where as many trainers sell sessions on time, for example your standard 45 minute session; we sell a weekly package. Now there are a few reasons as to why we program this way.

How much can you really achieve in a single session? One session per week simply doesn't cut it and due to time and money restrictions most people can't book a PT session more than once per week.

We understand you, we work in the real world with real people. You will receive not only an hour session face to face, but also a customised program specific to your individual needs. By opting into this program you will gain access to multiple training sessions per week, online programming with video tutorials and advice from our Nutrition Coach. We do things differently at Oxidate, we maximise your results and provide professional feedback. No guess work. Enquire below, we look forward to working with you!