Female Semi-Private Training

This 12 week program provides females with the knowledge, tools and strategies you need to achieve your desired goals.


Not enough women strength train. They are either too scared to lift, can't lift due to pain or exercising and not achieving any of their desired results.


They sign up for large classes with minimal experience in the weight room. They don't get taught how to lift, they don't understand any basic movements and the program isn't tailored to their needs and goals.


Results can mean many things. Weight loss. Learning to lift. Getting stronger. Faster. More explosive. Moving pain free. Understanding your body. Feeling confident. Addressing struggles and set backs.


This program does all of that and more.

Learn how to lift and why we lift in an environment that is made for women.

We will work to overcome weaknesses and set backs.

We will take control of your pain so you feel strong in every day movements.

We will minimise the risk of injury/ reinjury by building a strong foundation.

We will create strong confident women.

You will receive:

  • Individualised program to meet YOUR needs / goals / outcomes

  • 2x strength sessions a week

  • Addressing your setbacks and struggles

  • Train under my constant supervision and guidance

  • Give you the tools and confidence to train on your own

  • Be yourself, grow, learn and have fun training around likeminded individuals (2-3max per group) who support and encourage each other



+ Free conditioning session each week

+ Free nutrition info pack

+ Free recovery pool session

+ 10% off remedial massage treatments

+ 10% off personalised nutrition program

Who is this program for?

It's ideal for you if:

  • You don't feel comfortable lifting by yourself

  • You want to learn how to lift and understand movement patterns.

  • You struggle with confidence in yourself and your abilities.

  • You are willing to put in the work to create change

  • You want to learn how to minimise injury and enhance performance

  • You want to become strong, powerful and explosive as an athlete

  • You are sick of being constantly injured or in pain

  • You want to be surrounded by likeminded people who support and encourage each other

  • You are dealing with an ongoing injury and nothing is helping

  • You want to be consistent with your training and be held accountable

  • You want to have fun, learn, grow and be yourself.

  • You want more out of your current program

  • You want to go about every day life without having to worry about daily activities causing you pain

Who is this program not for:

  • You want to improve performance but you aren't willing to put in the work to get there

  • You don't want to train in a semi private setting

  • You aren't willing to learn, adapt and be open to new things

  • You want a good program but you want it for nothing

  • You don't want to be challenged

  • You aren't ready to step out of your comfort zone

  • You would rather pay for a cookie cutter program

  • You aren't open to lifting weight

Interested in the program?

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