Melbourne, Australia

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Who is Oxidate

The Football Performance Specialists

A fast-growing community, set on improving the quality of everyday life. Whether you are an elite level athlete, casual gym goer or someone looking for an improvement in your health and performance, Oxidate is the right fit for you!

Are we the football performance specialists? Yes. Is that all we do? No.

We have highly adaptive coaches, with great qualifications and many years’ experience within different training environments. Our philosophy is maximum participation, enjoyment and skill development through education towards training, nutrition, mindset and performance.

We are most passionate toward human movement in sport, but enjoy modifying athlete development training methods to suit the casual gym goer or weekend warrior. After all, we are all athletes in our own domain?

To coach, is to teach. We thoroughly enjoy imparting knowledge and helping our clients to not only achieve their goals, but to provide them the tools in which to sustain them.

We are longevity focused, no cookie cutter programs or ‘industry quick fixes’. Our programmes are designed around result based formulas and we look forward to helping you seek your desired change!

Jacob Falla Director and Head Coach, Performance Specialist 


  • Bachelor of Sports Coaching, Sports Science – Victoria University

  • Diploma of Sports Development – Canberra Institute of Technology

  • Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 – Australian Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Personal Training Accreditation, Cert 3 and 4 – Victoria University 

Dominic Falla - Nutrition, Health and Massage Professional 


  • Qualified Nutrition Coach – Body Type Nutrition Academy

  • CLC Certificate in Sports Nutrition

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy – Victorian University

  • Specialist in Remedial Massage and Sports Massage Therapy, Certificate level 1 and 2 – CIM Grupo de Formacion (Valencia, Spain)

  • Bi-lingual – English and Spanish